CinemaCon 2102: IMAX Showcases New Laser Projection System

IMAX Logo - H 2012

IMAX Logo - H 2012

IMAX will begin deploying the system at the end of 2013.

LAS VEGAS -- IMAX Corp. has begun showcasing an early prototype of its upcoming IMAX laser digital projection sytem to a select group of exhibitors, filmmakers and studios.

The projection system, which is expeced to be available in the fourth quarter of 2013, will provide superior image quality, brightness, clarity and contrast -- the all-important variable for filmmakers.

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IMAX Filmed Entertainment chairman-president Greg Foster -- speaking at a panel at CinemaCon in Las Vegas Wednesday morning -- said he tested the prototype for studio partners, exhibitors and filmmakers last week in Los Angeles.

"I liked it," said Sony Pictures Entertainment vice chairman Jeff Blake, also a member of the panel.

The system will be capable of digital projection on screens up to 120 feet wide and bigger, and will be integrated with IMAX's upgraded sound system, which features patented calibration technology. Additionally, the laser system will be integrated with an upgraded sound system.

Another benefit of laser projection is that its light source will remain constant over the life of the projection system, eliminating the need to replace costly bulbs. It also reduces the cost of prints for studios and exhibitors.