Cinram Reups With Warner Music Group

Canadian replicator Cinram International Income Fund may have stopped making DVDs for Warner Home Video, but it has reupped with Warner Music Group to supply recorded music products in the U.S., Canada and parts of Europe.

"We are delighted to extend our agreements with Warner Music Group and look forward to providing WMG with years of industry leading levels of manufacturing and distribution services,” Steve Brown, Cinram's CEO, said Wednesday in a statement.

A tightening home entertainment market earlier this year cost Cinram International its DVD replication business with Warner as the Hollywood studio transferred its home video business to Technicolor.
Cinram’s long term deal with Warner began in 2003 when then AOL Time Warner sold its Warner Music Group's DVD and CD manufacturing and distribution operations to the Canadian company for $1.05 billion.

That deal included Cinram making and distributing DVD and CD titles in North America and Europe for Warner Home Video, Warner Music Group and New Line Cinema.