Circle of Confusion Signs Hodder (Exclusive)

Hodder is a maker of "catch-up" TV specials such as "Once Upon a Time: Journey to Neverland" and "Arrow: Year One."

Hodder.TV, one the best makers of “catch-up” and “recap” shows on television, has signed with Circle of Confusion for representation.

A purveyor in what is being labeled “persuasive entertainment” for broadcast, cable and satellite television networks, Hodder produces specials that catch viewers up in advance of a new season or extended break. The company is coming off of a run that, in the last two weeks, saw networks air its specials Once Upon a Time: Journey to Neverland, Arrow: Year One and Scandal: The Secret Is Out.

Hodder also produced series finales specials, such as Lost: The Final Journey, and digital clips such as What the Frak Is Going On With Battlestar Galactica and Grey’s Anatomy in One Quick Cut.

The company uses imaginative storytelling and innovative techniques to create longform and shortform content.

By signing with Circle of Confusion, Hodder is aiming to expand production across all media platforms. Circle of Confusion’s Brad Mendelsohn and David Alpert will run point.