Off Circuit festival has Brass

'Kick the Cock' will screen at Venice event

LOCARNO, Switzerland -- Italian erotic film icon Tinto Brass said Friday that his latest film -- a soft-porn short called "Kick the Cock" -- will have its world premiere Sept. 2 at the ninth annual Off Circuit Venice Short Film Festival, which takes place in the shadow of the better-known Venice Film Festival.

Off Circuit, which partially specializes in erotic films, is set for Aug. 30-Sept. 5 on Venice's island of San Servolo, a tiny speck of land between the historical cluster of islands that make up the main part of Venice and the Venice Lido.

The colorful and eccentric Brass, one of the best-known figures in the world of Italian erotic films, has become a regular at the staid and traditional Venice Film Festival in recent years.

He launched a controversial parallel set of projections of skin flick films on the Lido in 2006, and this year will head of the jury for the second Queer Lion competition, which focuses on films that accurately portray gay characters.
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