Cirque Prods., N4D Team for 'Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy 3D'

Cirque Prods. is teaming with 3D visualization technology company N4D to develop Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy 3D, a touring theatrical event that the companies are billing as a live 3D production.

What exactly is a live 3D production?

“If an artist is manipulating an object on stage (for instance juggling), this creates the impression that the object is coming toward the audience,” said Neil Goldberg, founder, producer and director of Cirque Dreams. “N4D developed technology capable of creating this effect for people.”

Goldberg said that these objects — or possibly even performers — may be real as well as computer-generated to create the effect.
Goldberg said N4D has patented technology that is being further developed for the tour, which is slated to begin in 2013.

Implementation would involve a series of screens and projectors as part of the set-up.

“We’re looking for new ways to engage the audience,” Goldberg said.

Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy played on Broadway in 2008. The franchise includes Cirque Dreams & Dinner, Cirque Dreams Illumination, Cirque Dreams Pandemonia and Cirque Dreams Holidaze. Pop Goes the Rock by Cirque Dreams will debut next summer.