'City on a Hill' Star Sarah Shahi Hopes For a Rachel and DeCourcy Romance in Season Two

"I hope Rachel has a juicy storyline. I wouldn't mind it if she and DeCourcy had a little thing. That would be, that'd be spicy. There'd be some fun drama there," Shahi said.

Showtime's Boston drama City on a Hill, from executive producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, is closing out its first season this Sunday (Aug. 18), and star Sarah Shahi is already looking ahead for her character Rachel Benham, as the series has been renewed for a second season.

Sharing her hopes for season two, Shahi told The Hollywood Reporter In Studio, "I hope Rachel has a juicy storyline. I wouldn't mind if she and DeCourcy (Aldis Hodge) had a little thing. That'd be spicy. There'd be some drama there."

In the series, set in early 1990s Boston, Hodge stars as District Attorney DeCourcy Ward, who forms an unlikely alliance with corrupt FBI agent Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon) to take on a family of armored car robbers in Charlestown. Shahi portrays investigator Rachel Benham, who's assigned to Ward and Rohr’s case.

She continued: "It's interesting 'cause I feel like the pipeline has been set for Rachel and DeCourcy in a way because this whole season, he comes in the office and he asks me, ‘What’s going on with the case?' So I’m like, 'Ah, my fucking mother, she's bitching at me 'cause I’m single.' You know, I’m always dropping little nuggets like that to him, so it’s like, well, maybe. Why not?"

Shahi also discussed working with her "verbal sparring partner" Kevin Bacon, saying she was "surprised" by his presence on set.

"He is the most unassuming person. When he comes onto set, you don't even know that he's there. He's quiet, he's to himself, he's so collaborative," she explained.

"I remember him and I improved something in the scene and I came up with the idea and I don't know what took me over but not only did he love it, but when the director complimented him on the thing I just told him about, he quickly was like, 'No, that was Sarah. That wasn't me.' He did that and people don’t do that. Hollywood is so cutthroat in a way."

The season one finale of City on a Hill airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.