City of Light production shines brighter in '08


The French capital was back in the limelight last year, registering a 10% increase in films and TV shows shot here in 2008, according to figures from the mayor's office.

Half of all French films made last year were shot in Paris, including Pierre Morel's Europcorp title "From Paris With Love," Jean-Pierre Jeunet's "Mics macs a tire largot" and Laurent Tirard's children's film "Little Nick."

In all, Paris welcomed 840 film shoots in 2008, including 110 feature films. Nine films were shot per day on average in the capital for a total of 3,339 days of filming.

After a slow year for foreign films in France in 2007, Paris managed to attract Hollywood producers in 2008, even before a new law opening the French tax credit to foreign productions was passed in December.

Five U.S. films were shot in Paris last year, including Nora Ephron's "Julia and Julia" and Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds."

The city should be even more attractive to U.S. producers in 2009 now that the new tax credit is in effect. As of the first week of January, Film France was reporting an expected 180 days of filming for foreign productions in the coming months, far more than during the same period last year.

Woody Allen told France's cultural minister in December that he plans to shoot his next project in Paris. (partialdiff)