City Warns Pedestrians With New Signs: "Cross the Street, Then Update Facebook"

Courtesy of KTVU

The sign reads: "Heads up! Cross the street, then update Facebook."

Gone are the days of just "look both ways."

A Northern California city is warning pedestrians to not update their Facebook pages while crossing the street.

"Heads up! Cross the street, then update Facebook," reads one of the Hayward traffic signs.

Last month, the city began installing the traffic signs on busy Hayward Boulevard in an attempt to catch the eye of both drivers and those on foot. Other signs read: "35 — it's a speed limit, not a suggestion."

“The same messages always blend into the background,” Hayward spokesman Frank Holland told Fox News. “But if we can juxtapose the medium with an unconventional message, then maybe we can get people to pay attention.”

The San Francisco suburb of Hayward is not far from tech-savvy Silicon Valley, an area booming in gadgets and gizmos that's the home of social media giant Facebook.

Speeding was listed as the highest concern in a local residents' survey, and the city council has since been brainstorming ideas for slowing down driving speeds. While speed bumps and roundabouts slow traffic, they are more expensive and take an extended amount of time to implement.

The city opted for the signs because they were a cheaper — $205 per sign — and quicker alternative.

"People are excited that we’re being concerned," said Holland.