CJ signs with Columbus's 1949

Korean sales banner sells two pics at AFM in Santa Monica

Updated 22:12 local Beijing time, November 10.

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LOS ANGELES -- South Korea's CJ Entertainment has signed a three-year development deal with 1949 Pictures, a U.S. production company belonging to director Chris Columbus, Michael Barnathan and Mark Radcliffe. The two outfits will co-produce film projects and CJ obtain first rights for distribution in Korea, Japan and China.

Korean sales banner CJ Entertainment is reporting brisk business on its slate of movies to other Asian territories.

CJ said Joon-ho Bong's "Mother," Korea's entry for a foreign-language Oscar nomination, has been bought by Festive for Singapore. "Mother" details the story of a mother battling to save her son from imprisonment for murder.

Also flying out the door is "Golden Slumber," which went to Filmware for Taiwan, while ECS sealed a deal to take "Haeundae" to the Middle East. The sale of "Haeundae" marks another piece of the global distribution puzzle for the tsunami disaster movie, which CJ has sold out in all Asian territories.  "Golden Slumber," from director Nakamura Yoshihiro, is based on the Japanese novel of the same name about a man framed for the assassination of the prime minister.

CJ also said it sealed a brace of deals with Catchplay in Taiwan for "White Night" and "Secret."

Park Shin-woo makes his directorial debut with "White Night," a thriller based on the Japanese novel of the same name. It details the story of detective investigating a serial murderer linked to an unsolved case 14 years before.

Yoon Jae-gu's "White Night" is about a detective who finds evidence that points to his wife's involvement.

"Golden Slumber" is set to be released in Japan in January 2010 while "White Night" and "Secret" are scheduled to be released in Korea this month and the beginning of December, respectively.

"Secret" made its market debut here in AFM.