Clark to join Chernin's firm

Universal exec will oversee film operations

Peter Chernin, who steps down as News Corp. president and COO at the end of this month, has drafted Universal exec Dylan Clark to oversee film operations at his new company.

Under Chernin's six-year production deal, Clark will be responsible for overseeing the two films per year that the deal guarantees.

Clark, who joined Uni eight years ago and currently serves as exec vp of production under production president Donna Langley, will continue in his current post through October. He is currently overseeing Ridley Scott's Robin Hood project, starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, as well as Peter Billingsley's "Couples Retreat," starring Vince Vaughn, Paul Greengrass' "Green Zone," starring Matt Damon, and Greg Mottola's "Paul," starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

While Chernin's company doesn't yet have a name, other key elements appear to be falling into place with Katherine Pope, who recently stepped down as president of Universal Media Studios, coming aboard to head its television operations.

Prior to moving to Universal in 2001, Clark was a director of development at MGM. During his tenure at Uni, he was involved with such films as "Dawn of the Dead," "Friday Night Lights," "The Good Shepherd" and "Children of Men" before being promoted to exec vp in March, 2007.