Classic Thunderbird Owned by the Clash's Joe Strummer Up for Auction

Joe Strummer Thunderbird - H 2014
Beverly Hills Car Club

Joe Strummer Thunderbird - H 2014

The guitarist bought the car while living in L.A. in 1987 and recording his solo album "Earthquake Weather"

The punks had a soft spot for throwback Detroit iron — see: the Pretenders' video for "Brass in Pocket" and its tail-finny '59 Cadillac.

Now, an American classic owed by of one punk's founders is on the auction block. The Beverly Hills Car Club is accepting bids through Aug. 21 for the 1963 Ford Thunderbird formerly owned by Joe Strummer, guitarist and founding member of the Clash.

Strummer was living in L.A.'s Laurel Canyon and recording his solo album Earthquake Weather when he bought the Chalfont Blue T-Bird for $4,200 in 1987.

The Thunderbird was reportedly Strummer's main L.A. ride for the next two years — he drove it 850 miles to the 1988 Santa Fe film festival, where Strummer was featured in Jim Jarmusch's Mystery Train.

Ironically, given the car's exhaust-spewing 390 cubic inch V-8, Strummer later was active in Future Forests (now the Carbon Neutral Co.) and offset the carbon footprint of the manufacture of his records by planting trees.

Strummer died in 2002 in England — the final day of the auction would have been his 62nd birthday.

As of Aug. 14, the current bid for the car was $22,3000. To bid.