Clearasil Has No Plans to Pull Advertising on ‘Skins’ (Exclusive)


The zit cream buys advertising time in blocks and MTV can slot ads wherever they have free time.

Sorry, Parents Television Council: Clearasil likely will keep advertising on MTV's racy new series Skins.

The PTC - which is now urging viewers to contact their state attorneys general, claiming the show violates child porn laws - has recently targeted the zit cream to pull its ads. A recent Facebook post reads: "Go post on their page, call and fax them. Ask them how they can reconcile their actions - paying for Skins to air with their goals - always striving to make life easier for our consumers," the post says."
But a Clearasil spokesperson tells THR exclusively: "Clearasil buys advertising time in blocks and the networks slot our ads wherever they have free time."
On Monday's episode, Clearasil also was incorporated into the show: "Piss a piece of toilet paper and rub it on your face," a character said.
"Clearasil does not endorse any specific show on any network, nor the personal views or opinions that may be voiced on such shows. Clearasil also does not pay for product placement in any shows," the spokesperson tells THR.
Analysis: Why Skins is one controversy MTV doesn't want
Taco Bell, L'Oreal, Subway, H&R Block, Schick and General Motors have all pulled ads.
David Janollari, the network’s head of programming, told THR this week that MTV has “not lost any advertising dollars” and maintained that the controversy has actually been good for the show.
“I think it’s always good when people are talking about you and people are certainly talking about [Skins],” Janollari said. 
Despite declining ratings (the third episode Monday night was watched by 1.5 million viewers, down slightly from last week’s 1.6 million), Janollari said MTV plans to run all 10 episodes: "We’re in it for the long run.”