Cleveland Kidnapping Victim on 'Dr. Phil': Michelle Knight Talks More Abuse, Life With Other Girls

Michelle Knight on "Dr. Phil"

She also reveals how she felt when she was finally free.

Cleveland kidnapping victim Michelle Knight continued discussing the disturbing details of her decade in captivity with Ariel Castro in part two an exclusive interview that aired on Wednesday's Dr. Phil.

Knight revealed what happened when additional victims Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus arrived and how she felt when she was finally free.

Knight talked about her close relationship with DeJesus, explaining that she once tried to save her after a near-death experience.

Castro once made Knight eat two sandwiches with mustard on them, even though she's allergic to the condiment, she explained. Her throat swelled up and she couldn't breathe.

"The only thing that I could think was that I was dying and there was no one to help me. And just at that point and time, I see a light. I'm already almost gone," she said. "Gina picks me up into her arms and tells me to come back. … I begged her to let me die, but she wouldn't let me do it. I told her to just turn around and let me die, that I couldn't do it anymore."

Yet it seems like there may be some bad blood between Knight and Berry, who was the first to escape.

When asked how she feels about Berry, Knight says they're just OK. And when Dr. Phil plays audio of Berry's 911 call, Knight says it's "sad because she didn't mention us." Knight claims that if the cops hadn't arrived before Ariel Castro returned, freeing her and DeJesus, Castro would have killed his two remaining captives.

Knight also claims that Castro didn't abuse Berry the way he did DeJesus and Knight.

When the police rescued Knight and DeJesus, Knight says she ran to them as soon as she saw a badge and wouldn't let go.

"I wanted to kiss the ground that I was walking on and thank God for letting me out of the hellhole," she added of her feelings when she was freed.

Prior to that, Knight continued to talk about how Castro abused her, noting that she was pregnant and miscarried five times, and he'd kick her and even jump on top of her to make her miscarry.

He would even rape her in front of DeJesus, she said.

She said he would pay her after he raped her, throwing money on the floor and saying he was paying her for her time there.

He would threaten to slash her uterus with a bicycle chain, Knight explained.

Knight also revealed some of the verbal abuse Castro would inflict on her.

"It was just extremely painful to have someone come in your room day after day and tell you, 'Your family don't care about you,' " she explained. " 'You never had a family that loved you and that's the reason why I hate you 'cause I can abuse you and nobody would care.' "

Knight added, "I was the most hated one because he couldn't break me. I was considered unbreakable."