Earth Day Protesters Glue Themselves to Universal Studios Globe

Universal Studios Hollywood globe-Getty-H 2019
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Four male adult suspects have since been arrested and are facing felony vandalism charges.

Two climate change protesters attached themselves to the globe at Universal Studios on Monday, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed with the LA County Sheriff's Department. 

According to a statement from the Sheriff's Information Bureau, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the Los Angeles County Fire Department and NBCUniversal responded to reports of a group of protesters at the Universal Plaza entryway on Monday.

"Two protesters were detained and two other protesters were subsequently removed from the Universal Plaza entry," according to the statement. "The four male adult suspects have since been arrested and are facing felony vandalism charges."

The activity coincides with Earth Day, in which support for environmental protection is demonstrated worldwide.

The following statement came from Universal Studios on Monday afternoon: "Earth Day demonstrators came to the property unannounced and we are working with law enforcement to have them peacefully removed."

A group named Extinction Rebellion LA claimed to have "glued" themselves to the globe and be behind the protest. They identified themselves on social media and posted a list of demands for NBCUniversal, all pointing toward telling "the whole truth about our climate and ecological emergency."

"As the latest IPCC report makes abundantly clear, the threat posed by climate change to life on this planet is immediate, and unprecedented in human history," wrote the group. "We believe NBCUniversal must act decisively to report the transformative change needed to face this emergency together."