Clinical Director of Shuttered A-List Hollywood Rehab May Lose Therapist License

Illustration by: Jeremy Enecio

Bernadine Fried, whose facility was the subject of a THR investigation, has been accused of negligence, incompetence, breach of confidence and reckless cause of emotional harm.

Beverly Hills therapist Bernadine Fried, the clinical director at the high-end, celebrity-oriented One80 Center addiction treatment center that was the subject of a Hollywood Reporter investigation in 2013 and closed soon afterward, is now facing the possible revocation of her license to practice.

In a disciplinary proceeding initiated before the state's Board of Behavioral Sciences, California Attorney General Kamala Harris’ office alleges negligence, incompetence, failure to maintain confidentiality, failure to keep proper records and intentionally or recklessly causing emotional harm to a client.

The case, filed on April 15, is based on the claims of several of Fried’s private practice and One80 patients, as well as a business associate. They say she misused her position as a therapist to further her personal interests, including by betraying sensitive information revealed in private sessions to help secure a budding business relationship and by pressuring a One80 client to write a letter in her support in a court case involving the facility.

One patient claims Fried’s breach of confidentiality led to a severe psychiatric reaction in the form of conversion disorder — a condition in which one manifests psychological distress in physical ways. (According to the filing, this individual “was not able to walk for several months.”)

The matter could go to hearing or be settled by plea. A lesser verdict may lead to probation. (The average length in such cases is three to five years in California.)

Harris’ deputy on the case, Sydney M. Mehringer, declined to comment.

Fried declined to comment but her husband, Alex Shohet, the former CEO of One80, tells THR, “Berni and I are very grateful to have the opportunity to meet with the Board of Behavioral Sciences regarding these accusations.”