Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake Attend 'Trouble With the Curve' Premiere

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Eastwood plays a baseball scout in Robert Lorenz's directorial debut.

Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake joined Clint Eastwood on the green carpet Wednesday night for the Trouble With the Curve premiere in Westwood Village. In the Warner Bros. drama, Eastwood plays a baseball scout whose advanced age and weakening vision takes him on a journey with his daughter (Adams), with whom he is forced to make amends.

Eastwood returned in front of the camera for his new film after making plans to retire from acting. While much of the cast, including John Goodman and Matthew Lillard, said it was the idea of working with a legend such as Eastwood that brought them onto doing the movie, the star of the film said he got interested in the project because of the people involved as well as the story itself.

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“I’ve done films like Million Dollar Baby that had father-daughter relationships and even Gran Torino did an adopted family sort of thing, and this was just a family project between a father and daughter,” Eastwood said. “He doesn’t want to bring her down and he wants the best for her. He knows he’s having problems, so he tries to shove her away.”

The film marked Robert Lorenz’s directing debut after partnering with Eastwood as a producer for several years.

“It was great. He let me do my thing, he took direction. I came in very well prepared so he wouldn’t feel like he needed to jump in there,” Lorenz said of working with Eastwood on opposite ends of the camera. “We have a good time on set, so we just had fun.”

Trouble With the Curve opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, Sept. 21.

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