Clint Eastwood Praises Herman Cain and Chris Christie

Clint Eastwood - 39th AFI Life Achievement Award - P - 2011
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The "J. Edgar" director has been candidly speaking about his own political stance for the upcoming presidential race.

Understandably, the press has been grilling director Clint Eastwood about his own political beliefs while he promotes his film, J. Edgar.

Eastwood has been relatively candid with his views. He said he’s voted for only one Democrat that he can remember -- Gray Davis when he was elected governor of California in 1998-- in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. He additionally told the times that he liked current GOP candidate Herman Cain for his rags to riches journey.

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“I love Cain’s story,” Eastwood said. “He’s a guy who came from nowhere and did well, obviously against heavy odds. He’s a doer and a straight-talker, which I don’t see enough of from either party.”

However, that may have been before sexual harassment claims against Cain surfaced recently. On the carpet at a J. Edgar event on Tuesday night in Washington, D.C., the director told Politico, “I think Newt Gingrich is still the smartest guy in the room. I’m a Chris Christie fan, but that didn’t work out.”

“We are still a year away. There are a lot of good people on both sides, a lot of good Republicans and a lot of good Democrats,” he added.

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Eastwood seems to not be a fan of Mitt Romney, who was running for Massachusetts  governor 2002 while Eastwood filmed Mystic River in state.

“I saw a lot of him and you have to admit, he looks like a president,” Eastwood said of Romney with sarcasm. “I mean, if you were casting a movie where you needed someone to play president, you’d definitely pick him.”

Eastwood’s J. Edgar stars Leonardo DiCaprio as the controversial founder of the FBI. The film, written by Dustin Lance Black and opening wide in theatres on Nov. 11, also stars Armie Hammer and Naomi Watts.