Clint Eastwood Returns to Acting in 'Trouble With the Curve' Trailer (Video)

Trouble With the Curve Trailer - H 2012

Trouble With the Curve Trailer - H 2012

Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake co-stars in the Warner Bros. film, out Sept. 21.

Days after the release date to sports drama Trouble With the Curve was moved up, the first official trailer to Clint Eastwood's new film has hit the web.

The father-daughter baseball flick stars Eastwood, Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake, and marks Eastwood's first acting role since 2008's Gran Torino and 2004's Million Dollar Baby.

The story centers on a baseball scout (Eastwood) who brings his daughter (Adams) on his final trip to woo a player (Joe Massingill), but things grow complicated when they meet a much younger rival scout (Timberlake).

As the trailer shows, there seems to be something for everyone: an old-timer's struggles, romance and an underdog story with sports as the backdrop. It sure doesn't hurt to have the notes of American Idol winner Phillip Phillips' "Home" (the Olympics' unofficial theme) playing throughout.

Directed by Eastwood's longtime producing partner Robert Lorenz and written by Randy Brown, the Warner Bros. film hits theaters during baseball playoff season: Sept. 21. John Goodman and Matthew Lillard also star.

Watch the full trailer below: