Indie Thriller 'Consumed' Puts Focus on GMO Controversy (Exclusive Video)

Zoe Lister Jones and 'Chicago Fire’s' Taylor Kinney star in the film, which will premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Officially selected for the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival, Consumed is an indie thriller that focuses on the hot-button issue of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, their impact on consumers and the fight to make the FDA label food with GMOs in the U.S.

A new clip, debuting exclusively at The Hollywood Reporter, features New Girl star and co-writer of the film Zoe Lister Jones as a young mother, Sophie, who's waiting to pick up her son from school. While outside, she notices a number of the other parents coughing loudly, possibly hinting at an impending epidemic. She is snapped back to reality by a handsome young father, Eddie (played by Chicago Fire’s Taylor Kinney), making a polite introduction, obviously less perceptive of the signs of encroaching illness exhibited by the other parents.

When Sophie’s son, Garrett (Nick Bonn), greets his mother, Sophie notices that he is continuously scratching his arm. Worried, Sophie inquires as to the cause of the boy’s distress and is shocked to discover a nasty rash covering the majority of his right arm.

Shifting locales, we then see a pair of farmers (Danny Glover and Jerod Haynes) distracted from their work as an ominous, sleek black sedan pulls up their drive, causing the two men to rush to their barn.

Consumed, directed and co-written by Daryl Wein, will have its world premiere at the L.A. Film Fest on Monday, June 15, at 8:50 p.m.