George Clooney's "Twins" Make TV Debut on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'


Male nanny ("manny") Matt Damon snuck past security and brought along two special guests.

Jimmy Kimmel teased two surprise special guests during his interview with George Clooney on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night.

Suburbicon director Clooney revealed that his twins, Ella and Alexander, were backstage and after some prodding from Kimmel and the roaring approval from the audience, he agreed to bring them out for their television debut. 

Alas, it was all too good to be true. Suburbicon star, and Kimmel's mortal enemy, Matt Damon had seemingly slipped security (Guillermo was off for the night) and made his way to the stage pushing a twin stroller. 

Clooney claimed Damon was his "manny" but Kimmel was having none of it and took the actor-director to task for betraying him. 

Damon promised to show Kimmel the twins and very deftly gave the host a twin one-fingered salute along with the pithy rejoinder: "This is screw, and this is you!"

Unsurprisingly, "Manny" was escorted off the set by security.