'Cloverfield' helmer traces Swedish tale


"Cloverfield" director Matt Reeves has signed to write and direct the horror remake "Let the Right One In" for Overture Films and Hammer Films.

The Swedish horror film, "Lat den ratte komma in," about a bullied boy whose desire for revenge becomes intertwined with his growing love for a girl who happens to be a vampire, began showing at festivals at the beginning of the year. Hammer Films picked up the remake rights in May after the film won the best narrative feature award at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The recently revived Hammer Films intends to remake some of its own classic films in addition to acquiring other original properties. "Right One" represents the first film in a two-picture partnership between Overture and HS Media, the parent company of Hammer and Spitfire Pictures.

Hammer's Simon Oakes and Spitfire's Guy East and Nigel Sinclair will produce. Spitfire's Alex Brunner and Tobin Armbrust will exec produce along with John Ptak, Philip Elway and Fredrik Malmberg. John Nordling and Carl Molder of EFTI also will be involved as producers.

Reeves is repped by WMA. (partialdiff)