Club selection

Here's a few of Hollywood's favorite places to hit the links.

Bel-Air Country Club
6,491 yards, par 70
Designed by: William P. Bell and George Thomas
Opened: 1927
Members includes: Robert J. Dowling, Engelbert Humperdinck, Al Michaels, Jack Nicholson, Chris O'Donnell, Dennis Quaid, Pete Sampras, Vin Scully, Stephen Stills, Jack Wagner, Robert Wagner, Luke Wilson, James Woods
Legend has it: A hidden cave in the rock outcropping above the fourth hole served as the setting for several of the Johnny Weissmuller "Tarzan" movies. It is said that Weissmuller, when he played that hole, would climb up the rock landing and let loose with his famous Tarzan yell, which would echo throughout the course.
Source: and "Hollywood on the Links" by Tom Cunneff

Brentwood Country Club
Yards: 6,734, par 72
Designed by Willie Watson, John F. Harbottle
Opened: 1941
Membership includes: Brad Grey, Jeff Koz
Legend has it: For years, there was a member who was notorious for overseeing handicaps at Brentwood to make sure members' indexes were accurate for tournament play. If there were any question, he'd call night and day to push for a resolution. One day, the calls stopped. It seems that this 80-plus-year-old man was playing with his long-standing foursome when he suffered a heart attack on the No. 4 fairway and passed away. His companions were saddened, yet conflicted. One wanted to stop the round, but the others argued to continue, believing "he would have wanted it that way." Meanwhile, the foursome behind this group was growing impatient and wanted to play through.
Source: Jeff Koz, founder and creative director, HUM

El Caballero Country Club
6,815 yards, par 71
Designed by: Robert Trent Jones Sr.
Opened: 1957
Membership includes: James Caan, Brad Garrett, Richard Graff, Ray Romano,
Michael Rosenberg, Tom Sherak, Robert Cavallo Sr.
Legend has it: Charlie's business required him to visit construction sites, so he had to have a helicopter. A sales pitch was interrupted by a call from fellow El Cab member Bob, who angrily notified him that he was late for their round at the Tarzana course. Charlie said he would be there in 10 minutes. "What are you going to do, drop out of the sky?" Bob asked sarcastically. Of course, that's just what Charlie did.
Source: Mort Mauer, Gene Cofsky

Hillcrest Country Club
6,489 yards, par 71
Designed by: Willie Watson
Opened: 1920
Members includes: Michael Douglas, Sidney Poitier, Adam Sandler
Legend has it: The club suspended Harpo Marx and George Burns for two weeks after they defied the rules and played a round in the heat without their shirts. The longtime golfing companions soon realized, however, that there was no rule about playing without pants. So, back on the course, off came the pants at the third tee, and the duo gleefully finished their round in shirts and undershorts.
Source: "Harpo Speaks," by Harpo Marx and Rowland Barber

Lakeside Golf Club
6,600 yards, par 71
Designed by: Max Behr
Opened: 1925
Membership includes: Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia, George Lopez, Jack Nicholson, Joe Pesci, Ray Romano, Sylvester Stallone, Eddie Van Halen, Scott Wolf,
Legend has it: A few weeks after a disastrous stay in a trap at the sixth hole, Oliver Hardy -- one of Lakeside's first members -- showed up with a specially designed, refurbished niblick. Sporting a six-inch wide head, the club worked perfectly, plopping the ball out of the trap and onto the green. Golfing buddy W.C. Fields was infuriated. It is said he told Hardy, "Any man who would use an illegal club like that would strangle his mother."
Source: "Lakeside Golf Club of Hollywood 50th Anniversary Book" by Norman Blackburn

Los Angeles Country Club
6,900 yards, par 71 (North Course); 5,900 yards, par 70 (South Course)
Designed by: George C. Thomas
Opened: 1897
Membership includes: There are no Hollywood stars at this club, an old-money bastion in Beverly Hills because, frankly, they don't accept their kind.
Legend has it: Actors could play as guests, but membership was out of the question. Even Bing Crosby, who had a house on the course, couldn't get an invite. To become a member, actor Randolph Scott, who also made a fortune in oil and gas, had to promise the committee that he would never act again. "If you ever saw any of my movies," Scott is quoted as saying, "you'd know I never acted in the first place."
Source: Golf Digest "Legends of Hollywood" by Tom Callahan

Riviera Country Club
7,029 yards, par 71
Designed by: George C. Thomas
Opened: 1926
Membership includes: Billy Crystal, Larry David, Dennis Hopper, Robby Krieger, Johnny Mathis, Sylvester Stallone, Peter Weller
Legend has it: Tommy Smothers was playing in the pro-am at the PGA's Nissan Open, held at Riviera in 1991. To entertain the crowd, he did his "putting the yo-yo" trick (after making it sleep, he plumb-bobs it, and while it's spinning, sets it on the green and points it at the hole). On this day, it found the cup from 27 feet away. The crowd roared. "That's the only time it's ever gone in for me," the surprised Smothers said, "and I try it every hole."
Source: "Hollywood on the Links"

Wilshire Country Club
6,600 yards, par 71
Designed by: Norman MacBeth
Opened: 1919
Membership includes: Tommy Smothers, Mark Wahlberg
Legend has it: In his younger days, Howard Hughes resided in a Spanish villa overlooking the No. 8 green. He was playing a big-money match, and as his foursome approached the green, a naked woman appeared on the balcony of his house. His distracted opponents all missed their putts. Hughes denied having anything to do with the young lady's appearance as he cheerfully collected his winnings.
Source: "Golf in Hollywood" by Robert Z. Chew and David D. Pavoni