CNN Airs Bystander's SF Plane Crash Landing Footage (Video)

CNN/Fred Hayes
Amateur footage of the crash landing taken by observer Fred Hayes

The cable network obtained amateur footage by an observer who had videotaped the plane's descent.

On Sunday, as investigators piece together the chain of events that led to the crash landing of the Asiana Airlines flight at San Francisco International Airport that left two dead and many injured, a new video has surfaced of the plane's descent. 

CNN exclusively aired amateur footage by Fred Hayes, an observer described as an "aviation buff" who had "gone to a place where you could see these planes taking off and landing," said network correspondent Dan Simon.

In the clip, the Boeing 777, which carried 291 passengers, can be seen descending onto the runway before appearing to skid as smoke rises. Anchor Don Lemon said that the video was shot while Hayes was out walking with his wife. 

The news network also aired the video in a split screen along with the National Transportation Safety Board press conference that was scheduled for 1:30 pm PT.

"Everything is on the table right now. It is too early to rule anything out," said NTSB spokesperson Deborah Hersman when asked by a reporter at the presser about any potential mechanical failure on the aircraft.

Hersman encouraged those with photos and videos of the crash to submit eyewitness reports to the agency.

Watch Hayes video on CNN below: