CNN Anchor Don Lemon: "I Do Give a Point of View on My Show"

On 'Late Night with Seth Meyers,' Lemon said he's been told many times that Donald Trump watches his show every night.

CNN anchor Don Lemon sat for an interview on Seth Meyers' Late Night on Thursday and admitted that he has a "point of view" on his news show, which he said "people find interesting for CNN."

Addressing a proposal from President Trump on implementing a rating system for movies (which already exists), Lemon said, "Yeah, it's crazy. And I try not to engage in that. And, I will say, I do give a point of view on my show, which is interesting — I think people find interesting for CNN. I do have a point of view, and I'll say, that's ridiculous."

Lemon doesn't hide his "point of view," and made headlines when he said on Jan. 11 that "the president of the United States is racist," following Trump's infamous "shithole" remark about poor countries.

Summing up his anchoring philosophy and approach to covering the administration, Lemon said, "We can be fair, we can be open-minded, but we don't have to be stupid." (That line drew healthy applause from the crowd.)

Lemon said that Trump watches his CNN show "every night." He elaborated: "Every time someone comes on, if they happen to work in Washington or at the White House or near the White House, they'll tell me, 'The president watches you every night.' If they're a surrogate, and they go to the White House for some sort of meeting, they'll come back and say, 'You know, the president watches you every night.'"

The Hollywood Reporter asked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders if Lemon's comment about the president's viewing habit is true.

Late Night also played a supercut of Lemon breaking down laughing while discussing some recent zany stories, including a discussion about Omarosa Manigault Newman. "I've watched that a million times," Lemon said of the Omarosa chat. "Every time it's like the first time."