CNN Anchor Passes Out on Live TV

Poppy Harlow - H 2015
Courtesy of CNN

Poppy Harlow was in the middle of reporting on poll results when she started making strange sounds and later told viewers she "passed out for a moment."

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow briefly passed out during a live broadcast on Monday.

Harlow was reporting on the results of a CNN/ORC poll about whether people in the U.S. are "satisfied with how things are going in the war on terrorism" when she began making strange sounds, almost like she was slurring her words, before she stopped talking. Harlow couldn't be seen during this part of the broadcast, with the screen displaying a graphic with the poll results.

Later Harlow told viewers, "I got a little hot and I passed out for a moment. I am fine."

She shared a similar update on Twitter.

The pregnant anchor later indicated that both she and the baby were doing fine.

Harlow is the anchor of CNN Newsroom Weekend and a New York-based correspondent with the cable news network.

CNN declined to provide any additional comment.