CNN Apologizes After Misidentifying Woman as Nancy Reagan in Debate Coverage

Nancy Reagan - H 2015

Viewers give CNN an earful after mixup over former First Lady.

No, that's not Nancy. 

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer apologized during CNN's lead-up live coverage to the second GOP presidential debate Wednesday night after the network reported that Nancy Reagan was in attendance at the event being held in the presidential library named after he late husband. 

CNN showed a woman in the audience claiming it was the 94-year-old former First Lady. 

A few minutes later, Blitzer apologized for misidentifying the woman.

"By the way, we want to apologize to our viewers. We thought we saw Nancy Reagan here in the hall. We are now told that was not Nancy Reagan," Blitzer said. "We're going to find out what exactly happened, but that's an apology from all of us here." 

It didn't take long for viewers to let CNN have it over social media for the mistake. 

CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment.