Former CNN Contributor Jeffrey Lord Lands Book Deal (Exclusive)

jeffrey lord - H 2017

The book's working title is 'Donald Trump, Lion Inside the Gate.'

For about two years, Jeffrey Lord made his bones as a supporter of and advocate for Donald Trump on CNN. Lord, who was fired by the network in August for an incendiary Twitter exchange with the president of the media watchdog Media Matters for America, is now putting his thoughts about Trump's young presidency into book form.

Lord said he signed a deal with Post Hill Press' Bombardier Books imprint a few weeks ago for a book that is slated to come out next February. The book's working title is Donald Trump, Lion Inside the Gate, and the working subtitle is "America's War Against the Old Order," he said.

In a phone interview, Lord said he's "polishing the 'CNN Fired Me' chapter" of the book, which will focus on the legacy institutions — including the media —  that he argued have revolted against President Trump.

"As a small publisher, you don't necessarily think you're going to get an author who's got the level of chops and access that he has," said Bombardier Books acquiring editor David Bernstein. "When the book became available, we were very eager to get involved and work with Jeffrey. He's an extremely smart and well-connected guy with a lot to say."

In January 2016, the conservative publisher Regnery put out Lord's book What America Needs: The Case for Trump, which he said was a "quickie" that was written on an expedited timeline a few months after Trump formally declared his candidacy for president.

"I had originally wanted to do something on the campaign, and that became the quickie, introductory thing," Lord said. "I was so busy with CNN and writing columns that there was just no time in the actual campaign itself. Once the campaign was over and he was [in the White House], I began to think more of this."

Lord said he dreamed up the book on his three-hour-long car rides between his home in Pennsylvania and CNN's studio in New York.

Bombardier Books has also published multiple books by Alan Dershowitz and is publishing a book from a Washington Examiner media reporter called Fraud and Fiction that aims to rebut the central claims in Michael Wolff's hit book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

Lord said his book will incorporate the results of the midterm elections in November and will end up being something of a primer for Trump's 2020 re-election campaign.

While he admitted that he misses being on CNN and "loved" his time as a pro-Trump commentator on the network, Lord said that between writing the book, writing columns for Sean Hannity's website, appearing on conservative channel Newsmax and taking care of his elderly mother, he has "no shortage of things to keep [him] busy."

Lord's book will enter a crowded marketplace of tomes attempting to decode the Trump phenomenon and assess the first year or so of his presidency. Anthony Scaramucci, who has also defended the president on CNN (but not as a paid contributor), is working on a book about how Trump is "reinventing the aspirational working class." Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer is also putting out a book about Trump and the media, and one-time Friend of Trump Omarosa Manigault-Newman seems very interested in writing a tell-all book in the same vein as Wolff's highly successful effort.

"Only some of these books are going to work, and nobody knows which ones are going to work," Bernstein said.