CNN Crew Narrowly Escapes Bomb Attack in Libya (Video)

An explosion went off about "100 feet from where we were standing," says correspondent Ben Wedeman.

A CNN crew had a close call in the oil-rich town of Brega, Libya Wednesday.

As CNN's Ben Wedeman explained on Eliot Spitzer Wednesday night, the Libyan military dropped bombs about "100 feet from where we were standing." Footage showed the bomb going off, and then a large crater in the ground.

Wedeman, who serves as the network's senior international correspondent, said there were no injuries.

In another incident, "the Libyan crew flew right over our heads," dropping a bomb on a group of people, he adds, but a "line of cars" absorbed most of the impact. "We rushed out of the area, afraid the plane would come around again and drop yet another bomb." This time, several people were injured and taken to the hospital on stretchers.

"It was a little too close for comfort," he told Spitzer.

Opposition forces have been facing off with the army for the government of Muammar Gaddafi in the African nation.

This is a CNN correspondent's second close call in about a month.

In early February, Anderson Cooper was punched in the head 10 times by a pro-Hosni Mubarak mob in Egypt.

"They're beating up people in the streets," Cooper said on-air after the attack. "We just heard a long volley of shots. We’re seeing more molotov cocktails being thrown, and it’s dark now, so it seems even more risky now that night has come."