CNN Criticized for "Sexist" Coverage of YouTube Shooting

CNN HQ Shooter Announcement - Screenshot - H 2018

After it was reported that the suspect who opened fire at YouTube headquarters was a woman, the network's coverage turned to speculation of "love triangles" and possible relationships.

Several viewers and Twitter on Tuesday users took issue with CNN's on-air coverage of the active shooter situation at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California. 

Midday Tuesday, a shooter opened fire at the company, according to Police Chief Ed Barberini. Hundreds of employees evacuated the building and several victims were taken to area hospitals. The suspect died of a gunshot wound. 

After local authorities confirmed the suspect was a woman, CNN's screen read, "Female Suspect Dead," and on-air personalities speculated as to reasons for the incident. 

One personality, CNN's crime and justice reporter Shimon Prokupecz, speculated on The Situation Room that the motivation for the shooting was "perhaps a love triangle." Ongoing conversations centered on the possibility of the shooter reacting to a relationship gone bad. 

The coverage was immediately called out as odd on Twitter, with many pointing out Porkupecz's "love triangle" remark in particular. CNN has not responded to The Hollywood Reporter's request for comment.

See a few of the reactions below.