CNN International Returns to Russia

Associated Press

The broadcaster terminated distribution in Russia as of January 1, 2015.

On Wednesday, April 29, CNN International returned to Russia after a four-month break and is now available to subscribers of the major satellite operator Trikolor TV.

Trikolor, which previously didn't offer CNN International to its users, announced the addition of the network to its offerings on its website, stressing that Trikolor viewers are getting access to the network just weeks before CNN is to celebrate its 35th anniversary on the air.

The Russian news agency TASS quoted a spokesperson for Turner Broadcasting as confirming that CNN International resumed distribution in Russia and is available on Trikolor without commercials to comply with the Russian legislation.

CNN announced that it would end distribution in Russia last November, following the adoption of laws banning commercials on pay TV and limiting foreign ownership of media companies to 20-percent stakes.

However, as soon as this January, CNN executives had a meeting in Moscow with officials of Roskomnadzor, Russia's media watchdog, after which both parties said they were hopeful that CNN would soon return to Russia.

Last month, CNN obtained a 10-year broadcasting license in Russia, but no specific date of its return to Russian cable and satellite networks was announced until Wednesday's announcement that CNN International became available on Trikolor TV.