CNN: No, Staffers Weren't Celebrating Hillary Clinton's Nomination

Hillary Clinton_Onstage_DNC_5 - Getty - H 2016
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Hillary Clinton_Onstage_DNC_5 - Getty - H 2016

The controversy was stirred by a conservative site that posted video of Wolf Blitzer at the CNN Grill.

CNN, which brands itself as the non-partisan cable news network between Fox News and MSNBC, is strongly refuting the characterization that its staffers were celebrating Hillary Clinton's nomination on the closing day of the Democratic convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

"After two straight weeks on the road covering both conventions, the last night at the Grill was a time to unwind, have a drink and celebrate CNN’s tremendous success," a CNN spokesperson said in a statement. "CNN staffers and their guests  both Republicans and Democrats  joined in the fun. To suggest it was anything more than that is, quite simply, absurd."

The controversy was stirred by a blaring headline on The Drudge Report: "CNN Celebrates Hillary: Blitzer Toasts Speech, Dancing, Party!" 

The headline referred to CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer and his colleagues at the CNN Grill at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and it links to a post on the conservative website The American Mirror.

CNN has done very well during the conventions. The network averaged 7.5 million total viewers on the final night of the Democratic convention, when Clinton delivered a speech officially accepting her party's nomination for the presidency. MSNBC followed with 5.3 million and NBC News averaged 4.5 million. The network's primetime coverage on Wednesday night, the third day of the convention when President Obama was the keynote speaker, averaged 6.2 million viewers. MSNBC, getting an atypically robust showing this week, followed with 4.9 million viewers. Network sibling NBC News pulled 4.2 million viewers, followed by ABC News (3.6 million), CBS News (2.9 million) and Fox News Channel (2.4 million viewers).