CNN Reporter Calls Foul on Michele Bachmann's Security Team (Video)

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Michele Bachmann

While covering an Iowa campaign stop, Don Lemon claimed he was elbowed and shoved by the GOP candidate’s staff.

Michele Bachmann has some feisty handlers, according to CNN weekend anchor Don Lemon.
During a campaign stop at the Iowa state fair in Des Moines last weekend, Bachmann’s staff allegedly pushed Lemon into a golf cart.
“Reporters started asking her questions and I asked her very respectful questions about her performance last night, where does she think she’s going to end up on the straw poll,” Lemon recalled on-air.
He said two female staffers as well as Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, used their elbows to push Lemon and other reporters out of the way while escorting the GOP Tea Party presidential candidate.
“He even pushed me, elbowed me into a golf cart where I hit my head and caused people to start spilling stuff,” Lemon said. “Clearly this was an embarrassing display on their part. I don’t know why all of this happened, but it was embarrassing and unfitting.”

“Our number one priority is the safety and protection of Michele Bachmann,” said Alice Stewart, the press secretary for the Bachmann campaign, in a statement to The Cutline. “It was just too crowded. We were just trying to get her out in order for her to go to other events at the fair and that’s what we were doing.”

This isn’t the first time an incident of this nature has occurred with Bachmann’s team. ABC NewsBrian Ross alleges that he was “manhandled” by two bodyguards at a campaign stop in Aiken, South Carolina less than a month ago.
The Minnesota Rep. won the Iowa Straw poll on Saturday, with Texas Rep. Ron Paul finishing second and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty in third.

Watch as Lemon recalls the incident in the video below.