CNN Reporter Suspended for Controversial Refugees Tweet

Elise Labott - H 2015

"My tweet was inappropriate and disrespectful. I sincerely apologize."

CNN reporter Elise Labott has apologized for a controversial tweet she posted Thursday afternoon and has been suspended by the network for two weeks, a source confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter

Earlier in the day, the House passed a bill by a 289-137 margin that could suspend the process of allowing Syrian refugees into the United States following last week's deadly terrorist attacks in Paris. 

Since the attacks that left 129 people dead, a debate has been raging on the state and national level whether refugees are a threat because some of the terrorists in the Paris attacks had ties to Syria. Numerous governors have said they will ban refugees from their state. 

Labott, reporting on the House vote, added a personal comment in her tweet, which sparked immediate backlash. 

Hours later, she returned to Twitter to apologize.