CNN Returns to Fashion Coverage

Correspondent Alina Cho has been working on a Fashion Week special for this weekend, saying “our viewers crave hard news...but we shouldn't discount the fact there are other topics we can cover."

NEW YORK - CNN discontinued Style With Elsa Klensch 10 years ago, but now the news network is covering fashion again, the New York Times reported.

National correspondent and American Morning contributor Alina Cho has pushed the network to include fashion and has had a visible presence at Fashion Week this week, the paper said. She has been interviewing designers and others for her first half-hour fashion special, scheduled to air Saturday at 2:30 pm.

Cho has also periodically filed reports from the runways, but the special, called Fashion Week: Backstage Pass, marks the clearest sign of a return to fashion for CNN.
“There is room for fashion in our coverage,” Cho told the Times. “Our viewers crave hard news. They want the headlines about Egypt. But we shouldn’t discount the fact there are other topics we can cover, and I don’t think it makes me any less of a journalist to cover fashion.”

While CNN is unlikely to revive the Style concept, the Times said Cho hopes CNN will make her special a recurring feature.