CNN shuffles on-air news staff

Prepping Washington bureau for new administration

NEW YORK -- CNN is saying goodbye to several longtime correspondents and promoting others in a reorganization of the Washington, D.C., bureau of the news network.

Washington-based correspondents Jamie McIntyre, Kathleen Koch and Kelli Arena will be leaving the channel, according to reports. All are longtime employees of CNN, with McIntyre beginning as a freelance reporter in 1988 and replacing Wolf Blitzer as the Pentagon correspondent in 1992. Arena, the justice correspondent, joined CNN in 1984 as an intern. Koch has worked for CNN, WRC-TV in Washington and other stations.

It's part of CNN's runup to coverage of the Obama administration. CNN named Ed Henry as senior White House correspondent.

Other moves include: Dana Bash, chief Congressional correspondent; Brianna Keilar will also cover Congress; Jessica Yellin, national political correspondent; Jill Dougherty, foreign affairs correspondent; Chris Lawrence, Pentagon correspondent; Zain Verjee, news anchor for "The Situation Room"; Elaine Quijano, general assignment reporter and White House correspondent; Dan Lothian, White House correspondent; and Kate Bolduan moves from CNN Newsource to correspondent. Suzanne Malveaux will also return to White House coverage.

In an e-mail to employees Friday, McIntyre said he left with no regrets.

"Although I was never bored, CNN and I both agreed it was time for a change," he said.