CNN Turkey Stops Live Broadcast During Coup Attempt

Coup Soldiers CNN - H 2016

Coup Soldiers CNN - H 2016

The network tweeted that a group of soldiers entered the studio in Dogan Media Center as anchors left the newsroom.

An attack that is being described as an attempted coup by members of Turkey's armed forces left the nation in distress on Friday night, resulting in explosive attacks that left at least 17 people dead and more than 100 arrested.

Dogan Media Center, where CNN Turkey is located, was one of many places affected by the violent takeover. As the chaos unfolded on social media, the network tweeted in the early hours of Saturday morning that several soldiers had entered the studio and stopped a live broadcast short as anchors fled the building.

The group of soldiers who raided the area were later arrested by police.

As of Saturday morning in Turkey, officials said the coup attempt had been repelled.

Shortly after tweeting about the situation, the network posted a Facebook Live video on their official page, documenting the scene as it unfolded. In the video, gun shots can be heard as hordes of people crowd just outside of the network's building and police infiltrate the studio.