CNN's Brooke Baldwin Is Now Coronavirus-Free

BROOKE BALDWIN - Getty - H 2020
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

The news anchor, who announced her positive diagnosis on April 3, has now tested negative.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin has now tested negative for the novel coronavirus after weeks of recovery following the positive diagnosis that she announced April 3.

Baldwin on Thursday posted a video on Instagram of her being nasal-swabbed.

"My test just came back negative," she wrote. "I am virus free! I would like to DO SOME GOOD as a result of this: ideally donate my plasma to those who are very sick. And in order to do that, I need an antibody test. And to get an antibody test, I needed a negative #COVID19 result. So... there ya go."

Baldwin, who has documented her struggle with the deadly virus, ended her message by saying, "Thank you again to the docs and the nurses on the frontlines doing the real work."

She also thanked her viewers, fans and colleagues for "all your love and support and messages."

CNN anchor Jake Tapper celebrated Baldwin's update. "GREAT news," he wrote on Twitter. "@BrookeBCNN is virus free!"

Baldwin announced that she will return to hosting her daily news show next week.

Baldwin's colleague, primetime anchor Chris Cuomo, on Monday announced that he's been cleared to see his family again after recovering from the virus.

But Cuomo and his wife, Christina, who has also tested positive for the virus, revealed Wednesday that their teenage son has it, as well.

CNN anchor Richard Quest announced earlier this week that he has tested positive for the virus, but he, like Cuomo, has continued hosting his show.

"At the moment, I feel fine," Quest said. "I feel good, and there are important things that you and I need to talk about every night."