CNN's Don Lemon Gets Ear Pierced Live During New Year's Eve Coverage

Don Lemon CNN New Year's Eve Screengrab - H 2016

The anchor downed shots before having his left ear pierced while on remote from a bar in New Orleans.

CNN anchor Don Lemon got his left ear pierced as part of the network's New Year's Eve coverage on Saturday night. 

Reporting live from a bar in New Orleans, Lemon teased earlier in the broadcast that he would get a tattoo or piercing by night's end. He was true to his word, as, after downing a shot of liquor, a professional tattoo artist pierced his left ear lobe with a sterilized needle.

Watch the video below.

Lemon, who appeared to be tipsy during the rest of his time on-air, was called out by Twitter users for his antics. One user noted that Lemon was "hammered," while another jokingly tweeted, "Give Don Lemon all the Emmys."