CNN's Piers Morgan Honored at Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence Benefit

Piers Morgan Brady Center - P 2013
Alex J . Berliner/ABImages

Piers Morgan Brady Center - P 2013

Celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser was also feted at the event attended by Kris Jenner and featuring a performance from Stevie Wonder.

A who’s who in politics, business and philanthropy came together at The Beverly Hills Hotel Tuesday to celebrate advocates and visionaries working to prevent gun violence. 

The event honoring CNN's Piers Morgan and celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser was attended by notable guests including Stevie WonderKris Jenner, and model Natalie Gal.

Wasser, who received the Brady Center Advocate Award, arrived at the event with her husband and two children.

“This night is important to me because I’m a mother of a three- and eight-year old and I know there are parents who don’t get to see their children turn eight," Wasser told The Hollywood Reporter. “It doesn’t take a lot to lend your voice to make a change.”

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Talk of recent events was in the air at the benefit, which came nearly five months after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Conn., where twenty children and six adults were killed. More recently, the Senate rejected a bill to expand background checks on gun purchases.

Morgan, a staunch advocate for an assault weapons ban, was honored with the Sarah Brady Visionary Award. He said the decision to reject the bill did not surprise him.

"The NRA did their normal thing. They bullied and traduced people in Washington and threatened them," Morgan told THR. "They said 'if you vote for these gun control laws, we’re going to drive you out of power,' and guess what? Enough cowardly Democrats in particular said 'OK. You're right, I’ll keep my mouth shut.'”

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has been working for almost four decades to pass, enforce and protect what it sees as sensible laws and public policy that address gun violence at the federal and state level.

“The Brady center and the Brady Campaign are really wonderful institutions," said Morgan. "They were designed after the attempted assassination of a president, to reduce gun violence in America. No sane person doesn’t want to do that."

Wasser said if more Americans want to get involved, they should text MyVoice to 877877 to show support for expanded background checks for gun purchases.

Tuesday night's guests supported the Brady Center with a live auction and a remembrance of those lost in the Sandy Hook massacre and other mass shootings. The benefit dinner also included a touching speech by Sandy Phillips, a mother who lost her daughter in the Aurora movie theater shooting and music by Wonder, who sang “Love is in Need of Love Today.”

Other attendees of the event included We Can Do Better Than This Co-Chairs Joan Hill and Kimm Uzielli along with committee members Danny BennettBrooke BaldwinDavid HillSuzy Shuster EisenSheila and Clint Walker and Christina Zilber.