Coachella: This Is the Best Beauty Trick Mia Moretti Has Ever Learned

Mia Moretti Katy Perry - S 2015

Mia Moretti Katy Perry - S 2015

The "It" DJ of Coachella spilled during her MAC Cosmetics collection-launch bash at Ingleside Inn on Friday, where she partied poolside with Katy Perry, Jeremy Scott and costume designer Patricia Field.

Besides spinning at the hottest parties around the globe, from fashion-week bashes to SXSW soirees, there's always one annual extravaganza where we can expect to see Mia Moretti: Coachella. The "It" girl DJ — who counts her mixes from Coachella among her favorite playlists — has become so synonymous with the desert music scene that MAC Cosmetics reached out to her about collaborating on a festival-dedicated collection, which debuted March 26.

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While Moretti wouldn't describe herself as "a huge makeup head — I don't know how to put on eyeliner; I'm not a girly girl like that" — she admitted that "it was fun playing when they would send makeup artists over" to work with her before she'd deejay a MAC event. One of the best tips she's gotten from a MAC artist? "Someone told me one time to take a little bit of your lip color and dab it on your cheek because it ties your face together, so that's one of the reasons why I wanted to do the three-in-one blushes," said Moretti during Friday afternoon's celebration at Palm Springs' Ingleside Inn, where she partied poolside with Katy Perry, Jeremy Scott, Johnny Wujek (Perry's stylist), Kate Nash, AlunaGeorge's Aluna Francis and famed Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field.

Along with the two cream three-in-one blushes (for lip, eye and cheek) Moretti included in the MAC collection, the 31-year-old beauty also wanted items that she "craved or things that I know," so she created a highlighter, bronzer, two lipsticks and a bright six-color lip palette (appropriately entitled "Who's the DJ?"). The collection of tropical hues, which retails between $16 and $50, also features an exclusively designed makeup bag and large tote.

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"I always love when I'm not wearing makeup; I just put on a red lip. Especially at Coachella, when it can get 100 degrees out and you're sweating, so just putting on that red lip and sunglasses and call it a day," said Moretti, clad in a vintage headscarf and crop top, high-waisted Acne shorts, YSL wedge-platform sandals and oversize Linda Farrow sunnies. "I think that's the essence of glamour. Glamour isn't getting your makeup done; glamour isn't being in the most expensive thing; glamour is being a bright light. A red lip is a bright light." Inspired by her grandmother's beauty routine ("I never really saw her with any makeup on other than a red lip," she said), Moretti named the collection's red lipstick Maria Moretti. Clearly, beauty runs in the family.