Haim Does Not Get Dressed Up for Coachella

Haim Coachella - P 2015
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Haim Coachella - P 2015

With weekend two fast approaching, may we suggest taking an outfit cue from the stylish sisters, who keep things decidedly low-key (i.e., no feathers or fur) during the desert music fest.

"I think it's so awesome watching the people who really go all-out at Coachella," Este Haim told Pret-a-Reporter before DJing a set at H&M's Coachella cocktail party at the Parker Palm Springs last week. "I wish I had that energy."

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The 29-year-old music maven — who attended weekend one of this year's fest (and H&M's splashy poolside fete) with sisters and bandmates Alana, 23, and Danielle, 26, — considers herself a Coachella veteran. Which is exactly why she stays so chill about the whole thing, especially where furry hats, flower crowns and fringe bikinis are concerned.

PARTY DRESS: The trio (from left, Este, Alana and Danielle) at H&M's Coachella pool party in unfussy H&M pieces.

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"We used to be Coachella warriors," added sister Alana, who, along with her siblings, have been busy writing new music and spending time in the studio. "We're like, ‘We're going to Coachella this weekend. Should we go shopping? Nah, we'll just wear what we have.'"

"We used to be Coachella warriors!" laughed Este, who, like her sisters, was dressed in a simple, summer-appropriate dress by H&M for the bash.

ONSTAGE SIMPLICITY: Alana guest-performing during Jenny Lewis' Coachella set on April 12, clad in a T-shirt and cut-offs.

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Whether they think so or not, the L.A. natives are still totally Coachella badasses (they appeared on the festival stage with both Hozier and Jenny Lewis during last weekend's fest; it doesn't get much more warrior than that). But these days they just march to a quieter drummer — sartorially speaking, at least.

"We've mastered the one tiny bag. We used to take our whole wardrobe and now we know, like, vintage tee and leather jacket — this is what I wear every day. It doesn't really change. Easy, breezy, comfy vibes," said Este.

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Added Danielle, quickly, as to her off-duty look while hanging out at the Parker, Haim's desert-area hotel of choice: "We're gonna try out that robe life."