Coachella 2015: How to Not Dress Like a Douche at the Fest

Coachella Douche Fashion - H 2015
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Coachella Douche Fashion - H 2015

Leave the fedora, furry Davy Crockett hat and flower crown at home — and other tips celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati says are must-dos for sartorial success in the desert.

"The thing that kills me about hipsters is their willingness to wear incredibly unflattering — or just plain ugly —t hings for the sake of what’s supposedly hip," says celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati, who lends her aesthetic eye to Bradley Cooper, Lizzy Caplan, Laura Dern and Ben Affleck. She’s talking, of course, about Coachella and its attendees’ proclivity toward stylistic douchebaggery.

"Anything unflattering, weather inappropriate, too try-hard or affected, or too naked should stay home," she adds. Some of those no-nos? "All kinds of vests can be retired — they’re overdone at Coachella and serve zero purpose." Additionally, she says, it’s the combination of items that kills a look: "This is not Woodstock and you aren’t fighting for peace, so take it down a notch with the hair flowers and the beads and the suede and the fringe," says Urbinati.

So while she says the '70s are in fact having a big revival, thanks to recent runways, it’s not a boho moment this time around. "This is more of a Joan Didion/Jane Birkin easy, cool California vibe. Simplicity is key — an idea lost on most Coachella-goers."

Specifically, Urbinati advises losing the "furry Davy Crockett hats and felt fedoras that will definitely give you heat stroke, and opt for straw instead." Her preference is a wider-brim straw hat because it’s less dated than a short-brimmed fedora and also gives better coverage from the intense sun. "I also like those tribal-print mini turbans a la Eva Mendes, with cute colorful sunglasses.”

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She also warns against rocking a bikini. "Wearing a bathing suit at the festival seems unnecessary to me — save it for the poolside. I would opt for a cute embroidered peasant blouse and shorts with tied-up espadrilles instead. It’s breezy, cool and summer lovin’ but in a simple, chic way."

Suede is a big no for Urbinati: "It’s way too sweaty!" Instead of suede moccasin booties she likes sturdy leather ankle booties (think Rag & Bone) or open-toe leather gladiator sandals that lace up to the knees, like those by Valentino and Kurt Geiger (or their knockoffs!).

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And in lieu of "those daisy dukes that fit like underwear," her suggestion is a "short, but not too short, jumper." The stylist’s favorite looks of 2014 were Kate Bosworth in a scalloped-edge cotton top and shorts, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s breezy white blouse paired with short shorts, which, she says, "is a little less desperate."

Urbinati’s final message? "Remember the old rule: Take one thing off before you leave the house. In this case, maybe two or three."