Justin Bieber Wore a Baby Ponytail to Coachella

The half-up, half-down, Pebbles-inspired style creeped us out just a bit.

It looks like Justin Bieber might be on a quest to get his very own manbun. The singer, who has been trying to grow his hair out — see the awkward not short, not long length during his Comedy Central roast — styled his blond hair into a very tiny ponytail at Coachella this weekend. 

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If the Calvin Klein model is trying to look more manly, he might want to think again, because the samurai-inspired half-up, half-down 'do made him look more like a teenage girl than anything. In fact, the closest reference it brings to mind is Pebbles from The Flintstones. At least it’s better — read: less permanent — than when he bleached his hair late last year. 

Let’s hope Jared Leto–style locks are not in Bieber’s future. We all know only one man can pull those off. 

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