Coachella 2015: Hair Inspiration via Kate Bosworth for Weekend Two

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Kate Bosworth at weekend one of Coachella 2015

The actress' supercool center-part cornrow braid was done by celeb stylist Bridget Brager, who breaks down the look.

Kate Bosworth must have gotten the memo saying that braids were still the "It" look at Coachella because the actress attended weekend one of the festival with a braided center-part do that was totally chic — yet appropriately casual. “The inspiration for Kate’s festival hair was a nod to the ‘90s half-up, half-down, grunge-chic, slept-in hair with a twist — or braid,” says hairstylist Bridget Brager, who created the cool-girl style.

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Even better, the cornrow look calls for day-old hair, which is perfect for a busy schedule in the desert. To get the look, Brager — who also works with stars including January Jones and Anna Faris — first sectioned a small amount of hair, about the width of the tip of her ring finger, in the center where Bosworth’s part normally would be. “This section should end at the crown of your head, just before your head starts to curve,” she says.


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Next, says Brager, “Begin to make a cornrow braid toward your forehead. Finish the braid where your hairline stops, and divide it into two sections by splitting the third strand from the braid.” Secure it using a small bobby pin, pushing the pin up into the middle of the braid, as flat against the head as possible, and split the lengths of the hair around the face to frame it. “Next, sprinkle Kevin Murphy Powder Puff on the lengths of the hair for added texture, then gather hair starting from the top of the ears back into a half-up, half-down knot,” adds Brager.

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Secure it with a clear elastic band, and tuck any loose pieces behind the ears. To finish Bosworth's look, Brager sprayed on Bumble and bumble Does It All Styling Spray ($28). And there you have it: the cool girl’s Coachella braid.