Coachella 2015: Tyler the Creator Pokes Fun at Dr. Dre and Snoop, Hurls F-Bomb at Kendall Jenner

Tyler the Creator Coachella - H 2015

The Odd Future rapper also addressed Jack White during his day-two set.

"COACHELLA I GO ON AT 9 AND I AM SOOOO F—ING NERVOUS," tweeted Tyler, The Creator a few hours before his evening performance on the second day of Coachella (Apr. 11). But the Odd Future leader didn't show it during his riotous 50-minute set, running through a few new cuts from his upcoming album, Cherry Bomb, announced last week and slated for release on Apr. 12.

Emerging onto a stage designed like an oversized bedroom, complete with a giant bed, chair and desk, the 24-year-old stood at the lip of the stage wearing the same mask from his upcoming LP cover art. "What up, Dre? What up, Snoop?" he joked, referencing Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's 2012 headlining set where they performed with a Tupac hologram. "I got 49 minutes with you motherf—ers. Is it cool if I jump around and yell with you?"

The general audience followed suit, rocking along to cuts including "Tron Cat," "Jamba" and "Yonkers." The outspoken rapper did have some words for those in the VIP pit roped off in the pit, including one unlucky onlooker:

"We got f—in' Kendall Jenner here," he said of the princess of the Kardashian clan. "Hey Kendall, I'm over here to your right — f— you!"

But Tyler was in good spirits, even when he got "depressing" for "IFHY" featuring Pharrell Williams, who wasn't in attendance. He kept the guests relegated to his Odd Future crew, including Domo Gensis and Hodgy Beats for "Rella" and Jasper, who served as hype man for the set. The sound from Jack White on the main stage bled over, but Tyler took it in stride. "Is that Jack White?" he said. "Nah, don't say, 'F— that,' he's cool. You watch that f— Jack White, he's awesome. But thanks for coming to watch, that shit is tight."

Of the new tracks, he stood on the giant bed for his first live performance of "F—ing Young / Perfect," coaxing a surprising singalong given that the track only released in the past week.

After running through "48," he closed the show with "Tamale," giving the crowd a warning: "Let me do my first verse, and then we'll stand there. But when that bass kicks in and shit gets crazy, I want you to lose your f—in' mind." Mission accomplished.