Coachella Fashion: Florence Welch, Katy Perry Made the Loudest Style Statements

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Celebrity-sponsored style statements included Emma Watson, Lily Collins in Mulberry designs and Diane Kruger, Lea Michele in LACOSTE sportswear.

The Coachella Music Festival is always a great place for listening to emerging, au courant and alternative music. It's also a good place to see celebrities wearing emerging, au courant and alternative fashions. 

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This year was no exception. Purple-haired Katy Perry made headlines for her Friday night Gothic get up at Detail’s Midnight Coachella bash wearing what she tweeted as an ode to Nev Campbell in The Craft, Garbage, No Doubt, Ty from Clueless and Lori Petty in Tank Girl.  And let’s not overlook Perry's House of Holland’s Polly’s limited edition Bones tights, which we are sure Marilyn Manson will want to borrow.

Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine was another head-turner. She arrived Sunday in a sheer flowing hippy gown, carrying a Dolce & Gabbana ‘Dolce’ handbag and Spring 2012 runway sandals. But she later changed into a dark blue velvet bodysuit with a chiffon cape, designed by British designer Hannah Marshall, to sing. The shoulders are smothered in Swarovski crystals.

Hannah collaborated with stylist Aldene Johnson to create the gown for Flo’s Coachella appearance and her tour of the U.S., Australia and Europe. Welch’s previous tour designer was Frida Giannini, Creative Director of Gucci.

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“Designing for a music artist is not just about the clothes – everything I do is narrative led,’ Hannah revealed to Grazia. “I take the song, the lyrics, the mood, the artist’s DNA, the blue print of history. 

But there were also a number of celebrities who turned up at clothing company-sponsored Coachella bashes and everyone modeled (surprise) summer styles from the fashion folks throwing the parties.

Teresa Palmer, Diane Kruger, Glee star Lea Michele, and Lauren Conrad wore bright LACOSTE separates at the Lacoste Live Pool Party. Kate Bosworth, along with British actresses Emma Watson and Lily Collins, wore colorful Mulberry sporty designs to the British fashion house's BBQ Pool Party.

Paris Hilton was spotted at the fest wearing huge dark shades and beaded flowers in her hair with a heavy turquoise necklace, a white bra and a colorful striped skirt. 

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Rihanna was spotted in head-to-toe denim, including a denim newsboy cap. But when she performed at British house producer Calvin Harris' set at the Sahara Tent on Sunday night, she wore very short, tight, sharp studded denim cutoffs and a 'Peace' Tshirt. 

Despite the fact that Coachella is fraught with all manner of inebriatory temptations, Lindsay Lohan showed up at the festival. She wore a wide-brimmed black felt hat, a blue tank top and scarf, skin-tight black leather pants with black platform boots.  Yawn.