Coachella 2012: Rihanna Finds Love With Calvin Harris


Many celebrities dressed with free-flowing hippie-style outfits, including Rihanna’s cut-off “peace” top and spiked denim shorts. She performed on-stage with Calvin Harris.

Making good on a weekend of teases, the singer joins the Scottish DJ for one of Sunday's most exciting performances.

It started with a tweet.

Rihanna announced her arrival in the California desert on Friday, posting a few distinctly Coachella Instagrams and hinting she was going light on the revelry in anticipation of Sunday.

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The natural assumption would be that she was planning some sort of cameo. Snoop and Dre? Not the most natural collaboration. No, Rihanna was saving herself for Scottish DJ/producer Calvin Harris, who she joined for the middle of his blistering 7:25 p.m. set at dance mecca, the Sahara tent.

The man behind her recent single, "We Found Love (In a Hopeless Place)," Harris drilled the crowd with notable hits "You Used to Hold Me" and "Bounce" before the pint size powerhouse jumped out from behind the speakers.

The two  began with "Where Have You been," Rihanna breaking for several words of affection, before moving into "We Found Love." They seemed to lose each other for a moment, but there's little to quibble about when you see a guest that invigorating before 9 p.m.  

Harris cooled down his set for a few tracks after that, before bringing the thousands back to their feet for "Feel So Close" -- As most everybody was at that point.