Cobie Smulders Gloated When She "Beat" Husband Taran Killam for a Role (Video)

The 'Avengers' actress and 'SNL' star can get competitive.

The downside to being part of a showbiz family is that sometimes you have to compete for the same roles. 

How I met your Mother alum Cobie Smulders jokes that her Saturday Night Live husband Taran Killam desperately wanted to play the role of a pregnant teacher in Unexpected, but she ultimately landed the part in the upcoming film. Smulders was actually pregnant while shooting — which one would think gives her quite the leg up.

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"He actually was up for this, and then he got pregnant, so I was like 'nailed it!' " says a triumphant Smulders. Her film, which the actress brought to Sundance, centers on a teacher who gets pregnant at the same time as her student (Gail Bean), with the two forming an unexpected bond. See her full comments at the top of the post. 

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The actress made her comments at The Hollywood Reporter's Sundance lounge, where she was joined by Unexpected co-stars Bean and Anders Holm and director Kris Swanberg.

Killam and Smulders have a daughter, who was born in 2009. In October 2014, they announced they were expecting a second child.