Coco Rocha Gives Birth, Creates Instagram Account for Baby

Coco Rocha Main - H 2014
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Coco Rocha Main - H 2014

The supermodel's 2-day-old daughter already has 17.2K followers. #BabysFirstSelfie

Birth certificate? Check. Instagram account? Check.

Coco Rocha and husband James Conran's newborn baby girl, Ioni James Conran, was set with all of the typical newborn essentials as she left the hospital Sunday.

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The social media-savvy mom, who also announced her pregnancy via Instagram, posted several photos of Ioni on her own account (@cocorocha) Saturday afternoon, saying of her baby's photogenic smile, "giving me Gigi Hadid vibes." As if Rocha's own photos weren't enough, the doting mom created a special account just for Ioni (@ioniconran) that has already amassed 17,000 followers in the two days following her March 28 birth.

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The account, which currently has five posts, includes a shot of a radiant Rocha predelivery (caption: "The time is right to make my grand entrance."), a photo collage of Ioni's prodigious emoting skills (caption: "Just a few hours old and I'm already a master of emoting. Here I present just 4 from my repertoire: 'doubting', 'bored' 'suspicious' and 'intrigued'.), and of course, her very first selfie video. Awww.

It appears that Rocha, like 50 Cent and the Beckhams before her, is already priming her progeny for a life in front of the camera. But with a face that cute and a clearly genetic posing prowess, we can't say we object.


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