NYFW Weather Report: How the Fashion Industry Stays Chic in the Snow

Coco Rocha

From shearling coats to shameless Uggs, Coco Rocha, Grace Coddington and more dish on their cold-weather style staple.

Trekking through slush and snow between shows is no easy feat.

New York Fashion Week is a wet one this year, so how is it possible to stay chic in the cold? Michelle Rodriguez loves jackets -- Rick Owens' in particular. "I just bought a nice shearling that kind of reminds me of Star Wars. You can hide in it," said Rodriguez.

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Pret-a-Reporter asked fashion's biggest models and tastemakers at Wednesday's amfAR gala -- which drew Robin Wright, Padma Lakshmi, A$AP Rocky and Kelly Rowland to honor Peter Lindbergh, Vanessa Redgrave and Joely Richardson -- how they tackle navigating a packed runway schedule amid dropping temperatures. Shearling seems to be the ultimate style staple, but see which boldface shamelessly opts for Uggs (for three years now!) and who nabs their cold-weather must-have at the corner drugstore.

Grace Coddington: "I have several Celine coats of various warmths -- this is an evening version of the same one I have for day. And, should I say this? Yes -- I'm wearing Uggs. Not shamefully, I think they're really cool and super practical actually. They're black and they're very comfortable and warm, and I've had them for three years."

Coco Rocha: "The most furriest thing I can find -- which is my Anna Sui coat that is not real, don't worry -- with a leather jacket under it."

Poppy Delevigne: "I freeze, I'm English -- we don't have a concept of warm or cold, so I never wear a jacket and I just freeze my ass off. I've got really good Chanel biker boots that I live in. Solid, and they stop the slip-up, if that ever happens. I think Sandro do great jackets, and I always have the leopard-print Louis Vuitton scarf. I've got it in every color."

Nicole Trunfio: "I just got back from Australia after two months, where it's summer right now, and then I was out in L.A. I think I've trashed every single pair of shoes so far -- I need to buy snow boots."

Azealia Banks: "Have the car drive me to the door and then run in as fast as I can. I'm a cape girl -- I love being able to just throw it over my shoulders and run. But I do love a bomber jacket."

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Alina Baikova: "Simple outfits. Jeans. I don't like scarves but I love fur coats. Better fake than real."

Sara Sampaio: "Really warm boots -- I just go with the ugly ones with fur in it. It's all about staying warm. I'm wearing a Rag & Bone black jacket with a little bit of fur lining the hood."

Alyssa Miller: "It's very dangerous, I have everyone hold my hand. Be comfortable and don't push it too much; you have to wear something that's practical. I have this beautiful, short shearling coat from Isabel Marant that's perfect with a big hood."

Elettra Wiedemann: "Part of the reason I'm not going to Fashion Week is because I have no capacity to stay stylish in this weather!...I have amazing boots that I bought that are lined with faux fur to the tippie toes, and waterproof. If I didn't have those, life would be very sad this winter. It took me about a month to find."

Barbara Fialho: "Drink a lot of tea! Wear a lot of layers, even though you have to keep taking them off. I have my knee-length mink fur jacket that I've been wearing a lot."

Lily Aldridge: "You can buy at CVS those heating pads that stick to your back! I put them all over my stomach and back, and it makes a huge difference. My go-to jacket, I just bought this Joseph shearling jacket, and there's always Canada Goose. I have my Hunter boots -- I don't know what else to do!"

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